CheckHero is committed to providing hassle-free support to property managers and their landlords. With a background in real estate and a deep understanding of the administration and management required in the industry, we are dedicated to easing the workload of agents, especially with the new safety check regulations in effect. Our easy-to-use system manages all your and your landlords’ admin and compliance needs with just a few clicks, making the entire process significantly more effortless than other solutions.
At CheckHero, we are constantly striving to improve and simplify the experience for our clients. Our pledge is to continuously look for ways to make things better, easier, and simpler for our customers. We pride ourselves for our reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, and efficiency, and we are committed to providing our Property Manager Partners with an incredibly simple and reliable service experience.
We’re well aware of the pain points in the industry, such as dishonesty, unreliability, and a lack of transparency. We seek to solve these problems before they are passed on to our clients. Our service aims to address various forms of unreliability, such as tradesmen not showing up on time, offering tenants a large arrival window, or failing to show up altogether.
Our goal is to provide a reliable, easy-to-use, and trusted service that offers transparency and value for money. As we continue to develop our support portal, we look forward to providing our clients with a personalised and trouble-free experience, with the assurance that they are speaking to an expert who understands their needs and can assist them promptly.

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